Useful Russian Essay Phrases to Help Improve Your Writing 

 July 22, 2020

By  Olya Amburg

No matter what language one studies, sooner or later, they are faced with essay-writing challenges. This is one of the most popular forms of assessment and requires a robust set of skills, even when the native language is in use.

Essays in Russian are no different from other tongues when it comes to the structure and tone requirements. However, there are certain words and phrases specific to the language any Russian teacher expects to see in a well-written text.

Russian Essay Phrases

In this article, you will find:

  • речевые клише [rechivie klishe] or speech cliches, phrases that help to build a compelling argument no matter the topic of your writing
  • вводные слова [vvodnie clava] or opening words, to express your opinion firmly and eloquently
  • bonus tips to ace your Russian essay

* Most of the essay phrases in the article are translated non verbatim since the English language lacks an equivalent for the Russian word.

Russian Speech Cliches

(source: pexels)

Russian Speech Cliches

Good structure is one of the significant pillars of essay writing, and speech cliches are tools to layout your thoughts in the most compelling way. Thus, for your convenience, the expressions are listed according to essay parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion.

Beginning with helpful Russian expressions for when you don't know how to start your text:

Russian Essay Phrases for Introduction

Выбор данной темы продиктован следующими соображениями...The choice of the following topic is motivated by...
Задумываясь над этой фразой, приходишь к мнению…Contemplating this expression, we come to the conclusion...
Удивляет нестандартный подход к проблеме…The unconventional approach to the problem is worth noting...
Никогда не думал, что меня заденет за живое идея о том, что...Incredible how such an idea can be touching...
Поражает глубина мысли великого…The depth of the thought is impressive...
Поразительный простор для мысли открывает это короткое высказывание...The expression is open to a wide variety of interpretations...
Для меня эта фраза является ключом к пониманию...This expression becomes the key to understanding...
Эта емкая фраза заставляет переосмыслить…This definition urges to reconsider...
Нельзя не разделить мнение автора...One cannot but share the author's opinion...

Russian Essay Phrases for Main Body

Проиллюстрируем это положение следующим примером ...Let's illustrate with the following example...
Рассмотрим несколько подходов...Let's consider these approaches...
Посмотрим на проблему с другой стороны…Looking at the problem from a different angle...
С незапамятных времен бытовало мнение…Iit has been long known that...
С одной стороны, ... С другой стороны,…From one side…, from the other side...
Необходимо заметить…It is important to consider...
Приводя следующий пример,…Following this example...
Во-первых, ... во-вторых, ... в-третьих,…Firstly,... secondly…, thirdly,...
Следует отметить…It is worth mentioning...
Существует несколько подходов к…There are several ways to interpret...

Russian Essay Phrases for Conclusion

Исходя из выше сказанного…From the abovementioned...
Именно поэтому я не могу согласиться с...This is specifically why I disagree with...
Вот почему я согласен с мнением…this is the reason why I disagree...
Резюмируя сказанное, следует отметить…To conclude, one should mention...
Подведем общий итог рассуждению...To summarize the discussion...
Подводя итог размышлениям…To sum up the contemplations...
Можем сделать вывод, что...One can conclude that...
В заключении, можно сказать...At the end one can say...
Таким образом, получаем...In this way one gets...
Приходим к выводу, что...One comes to the conclusion that...

Opening Words / Sentence Connectors

To prove a point
Само собой
No doubt
Cannot be denied
Как кажется
Может быть
Seems like
Looks like
Making an assumptionДумается
Надо полагать
Let's say
To identify an emotional tone
PositiveНа счастье
К радости
Что хорошо
What's good, is
RegretК несчастью
На беду
Что ещё хуже
For trouble
Worse still
SurpriseК удивлению
Странно, что
Непонятное дело
Indeed, it's unclear
Overall impressionПо сути
В сущности
Говоря по существу
По правде сказать
Между нами говоря
In fact
In a nutshell
Truth be told
To identify the source of informationПо мнению кого-либо
Как указывалось
Как оказалось
На мой взгляд
According to opinion
As indicated
As turns out
In my opinion
To order argumentsНапротив
Кроме того
В довершении всего
Стало быть
Кстати сказать
As opposed to
In addition
To add an explanation, clarifyОдним словом
Иначе говоря
Проще сказать
Что называется
In short
In other words
Or rather
Easier said
What is called
To communicate scale/measureПо меньшей мере
По крайней мере
В той или иной степени
Как и всегда
At least
At best
To a degree
As usually
To accentuateВидите (ли)
Знаете (ли)
Представьте себе
Что существенно
As we see
As we know
Note that
Thereby substantially

Sentence Connectors

(source: pexels)

Russian Essay Writing Tips

Do longer eloquent sentences work?

Academic writing, for instance, in English, is all about clarity and brevity. The Russian language also commends the two but favors some more embellishments, even epithets, and metaphors for the diverse scientific topics one can imagine.

But what is the limit, and how long is too long? There is no uniform example to give. However, some Russian teachers advise reading the sentence out loud. If you are getting out of breath - time to edit out ruthlessly.

To comma or not to comma?

Typically sentence connectors are separated by commas in the Russian language. But there is a catch: a list of 30+ terms that look like opening words but are, in fact, not. With experience, one develops a gut feeling as to when there is a need for a comma.

Before that, use the following test: remove the connector from the sentence. If the meaning does not change, commas are required.

Russian Essay Writing Tips

(source: adme)

Handwriting wire

Unless typing is involved, essays in Russian are written in calligraphy. The example above illustrates why it can become an issue, primarily if you are used to writing in block letters. So checking your essay, imagine yourself in the teachers' shoes and question if they can understand not only the arguments but also your handwriting.

Tautology much?

While tautology is a problem that comes up often in writing no matter the tongue, in Russian essays, it is penalized brutally. That is because the language offers several synonyms like no other. One of the most common examples with the verb to go:

to goидти

It takes time to get used to such a variety. So for safety sake, think twice of any verb or adjective you are choosing, if there is a synonym, go with it.

Do you feel ready now to take the Russian essay writing world by storm? Share with us some of your favorite phrases or common challenges in the comments. 

Olya Amburg

Olya is a globetrotter, a Russian native inspired by people, cultures, and interactions. A love for the Russian language and literature led her to become a journalist. Olya shares her knowledge and passion for language learning, traveling, and communication as a freelance writer. In her spare time, she studies psychology and neuroscience, teaches yoga, and plans international adventures with friends.

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